Monday, March 3, 2014

My week was awesome!

 My week was awesome!

Monday- Was my first official P-day in the Wasilla Zone! It is so
weird because I have not been around a group of missionaries in 4 1/2
months! We had an activity with the Susitna YSA that night for FHE!

Tuesday- Get this so my new companion Elder Cottrell is the district
leader! That's 2 in a row! Haha but he did awesome in District Mtg. We
picked up a new investigator today and She is super awesome! We had a
way good lesson with her and when we introduced the Book of Mormon to
her she was so happy! She was really really interested in the Book of
Mormon! When we left we saw her by the window on her couch reading the
Book of Mormon! So hopefully everything goes good there!

Wednesday- So this night we had a set Lesson with Deon! Our really
buff investigator! And we had a member with us and right before we
started with a prayer I noticed that my companion totally forgot his
tie! So I tried not to laugh during the prayer but I could not help
it! When he said Amen everybody was like "What was so funny" and I
pointed at my Tie when Elder Cottrell looked at me and we all laughed
so hard! We also picked up a new investigator! His name is Ray
and he is a stud!

Thursday- We had exchanges and I went with Elder Thompson in the
Cottonwood ward! Then we had mission training!

Friday- We had another lesson with Deon and he was put on date for
tomorrow but me and Elder Cottrell felt prompted to Invite him to pray
for a baptism date because we did not feel like he was ready. That's
important because we do not want him to go Less active after he is
baptized! And when we invited him to do that, he was like Man that's
good because I did not feel ready to be baptized on Saturday! He still
wants to be baptized but he wants his roots to be deep before he grows
into a huge tree!

Saturday- So we helped with this thing down in Anchorage called the
Iditarod! And it is this dog mushing race that starts in Anchorage
and ends in Nome ( top left corner of Alaska! We had to help keep
people off of the track so that they did not get ran over! Oh and get
this there is this one guy that is in it and he is from Jamaica! We
also had our Second lesson with Ray our new investigator and we
invited him to be baptized and he said that he will pray about it and
he also told us that he does see himself being baptized in the LDS

Sunday- was fast Sunday and we cover two wards Memory Lake and Susitna
YSA so we stay from 9 till 4 and then we had a ces Devotional that we
went to at a members house with all of the YSA people! Long Day!

I love you Guys!

Elder Russell
Alaska Anchorage mission!

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