Monday, March 24, 2014

He brought up Lacrosse and I was like no way!!!!!!

 Here is my week!

Monday- We were in a lesson with a YSA less active member that does
not really like missionaries at all, and we were talking with him and
he brought up Lacrosse and I was like no way!!!!!! You are the first
person that I have met that played lacrosse up here! He said the same
to me to! So we have dinner with him today! Booya!

Tuesday- Nothing much happened except for District Meeting and we saw
the Langky family! They are from Africa! They are close to Egypt but
not in Egypt! I got a Tiny taste of who Braxton is teaching which was
awesome! There house is super HOTTTTTTTTT! I wonder why! Haha

Wednesday- I don't know why but Wednesday was just one of those days
were you just have to let it out!

Thursday- We did Service at the Food Bank and we unloaded 3 huge
pallets of Potatoes! We had to put them in crates! Wow my finger nails
hurt! We saw brother Hess and he travels the world and takes pictures
and writes like documentaries! So every time we are over there he
takes pictures of us while we are petting his cat! I HATE
CATTTTTTTSSSSSS!( K.A.T I'm out of here! As he walks past he says- haha
I knew there were 2 T's!- Its off of the spelling B) But He posted a
picture of us and there was this lady from Sweden and she was like wow
those are some cute boys you got playing with your cat! Who are they!
Boom missionary opportunity right there!

Friday- Nothing much happened except a bunch of lessons!

Saturday- I was on exchanges with Elder Shurtz who is a Zone Leader!
And he came into my area so I had to take over for the day! We had a
great time! I love that guy!

Sunday- 8 Hour of church and Meetings! Yippee! I don't know how my dad
does it! We met with Ray our Investigator in the Memory Lake ward and
we taught him about Tithing and Fast Offerings! He is going to be
fasting this next Sunday to help him find an answer to his prayer! I
am super Excited to see what happens! We had 2 investigators show up
to Church! Oh YEAH!!!

I love you guys

Elder Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Memory Lake and Susitna YSA Ward

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