Monday, March 31, 2014

TRANSFER CALL!!! I'm staying in the Memory Lake and Susitna YSA ward!

 Monday- Well to start off my P-Day I got myself a Pay Day candy bar!
Its close to P-Day. Haha so during basketball there was this girl that
showed up to play and she kicked all of our trash! Comes to find out
that she plays college basketball! (Somebody else guard her) haha! We
had dinner with this one guy who has a pet wolf! Full blooded! It is
so sweet!

Tuesday- So we found this one guy who is super solid and he looks
exactly like superman! When we met him he had already read 12 chapters
of the Book of Mormon in 3 days and during that lesson that we had
with him he said that he didn't know that there was a God until 3 days
ago while he was working cutting down trees and he was in his bobcat
and he said that everything was weighing down on him and he said a
prayer in his heart and he said that an overwhelming feeling came over
him and he said the last time I cried was when I was 16 and he is now
32 and he said that He was sitting out in his bobcat balling for 3
hours! He told us that he would go to church before not for the
religious part but for the wine! On this day he said that he is giving
up his coffee and his smoking and his drinking! What a miracle!

Wednesday- Went on Exchanges with Elder Nielson in my wards and we had
a blast! He is a hunting guide and boy do I want to get on his good
side! Haha! We taught 8 Lessons today! Another cool thing is that I
was meaning to call this one lady but I accidentally called a different
person and she was like thank you for calling and she wanted to meet
with us right away! So we went over and there was a guy there from
Samoa and he needed a blessing of comfort and so we gave it to him and
guess what! He came to church this week!

Thursday- We went to Anchorage for a training. We saw Kyle Sullivan
today and he was like! Hey do you guys want to see something cool and
of course we said YEAH! So he took us to this back room and he had
hundreds and hundreds of guns! Ugh I wanted to hold them so bad!!!!!!
Everybody and there dogs have guns up here in Alaska!

Friday- The highlight was that we did some service for the 40th
anniversary for the city of Wasilla! That took forever!

Saturday- TRANSFER CALL!!! I am staying in the Memory Lake ward and
Susitna YSA ward with Elder Bowen!   Elder Cottrell is going to Knik-
Fairview ward and will be Zone Leader There! That has happened twice
to me now! Elder Hayes was District leader while I was serving with
him and then became Zone Leader right after me and Now Elder Cottrell!
Hmmm What is next!

Sunday- Fast Sunday and boy did it go by super slow! We were invited
to go with the youth combined class and guess what they talked about!
The Law of Chastity! Haha man those kids were like a  moose in
Head lights! Haha I would say deer but I am in Alaska and we have more
moose than deer!

I love you Guys

Elder Chad Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Memory Lake and Susitna YSA Ward

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