Monday, March 10, 2014

Tried to go to the Temple

 Monday- Was of course P-day! Nothing much happened except at Dinner
with the Mqueens! There little Daughter is so dang cute, she is like 6
years old and has eyes like off of the movie Host! She sat by me and
she kept on playing with my Pink pen! I was like so do you like the
color pink?! Well duh everything that I am wearing is pink!  cute
isn't she! So after a few laughs and after the lesson she was like bye
Elder Russell in like a sad voice! And I squatted down because she was
obviously short and I was like do you promise that you will help your
mom clean up the kitchen when I leave? She said YEAH! I was like
alright well here is my pink pen! Boy does that girl Scream!!! Haha
she is way awesome though!

Tuesday- I went on Exchanges in the Wasilla ward and I love this Elder
to death but that night He starting blaring his music and it was
Scream'o! And I was to scared to say hey can you turn that off! So in
my heart I was just like man I pray that that music will turn off! And
guess what right then Elder ---- yelled! DANG IT MY BATTERY JUST RAN
OUT AND I DON'T HAVE A CHARGER! I was like no way that actually
worked! Hahaha it was so amazing!

Wednesday- I was still on Exchanges with this one Elder and we left on
time from Wasilla to Anchorage so that we can go to the temple! And
guess what? It decided to snow 2 feet that night! So we are driving on
the Highway and we Saw a total of 10 cars flipped over on the side of
the road on the way to the temple and we hit a couple of traffic jams!
So we were late to the temple so we were not able to go! Ugh I was so
upset! Dang Alaska!!!! Haha but on our way back we got a call from one
of the missionaries in our zone and he was like go get into some
service clothes and come and help us! here is the Address we will see
you in a little bit! So we get there and there lying on the ground was
a Clydesdale Horse! He was really old and he fell into the snow and
could not get up! So we had 12 Missionaries and 1 protestant, 1
baptist. 1 atheist, and 1 Catholic!  And we could not get this thing
up! So Elder Wood was like hey we should say a prayer so that we can
know what we should do and what is best for the horse! Ether to put it
down or keep on trying! So we received an answer and it was to put it
down!  Sad
day but he needed to go!

Thursday- I will tell you guys about this day one day! :)

Friday- We had Zone Meeting! At dinner that night we met "SI" you know
off of Duck Dynasty! It was not really him but he Looked, talked, and
acted just like him! He tried bashing with us but he had been drinking so we
just changed the subject!

Saturday- we attended 2 baptism that were going on and it was amazing!
  Something happened to us but again that is for another
time! :)

Sunday- we had our investigator Ray at church and he knew so many
people! It was amazing! He wants to get baptized but he has one more
thing that he just needs to get over and that is that he needs to know
that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God and that he did restore
the true church back on the earth! But he is such a stud. Not just
because he was a navy seal but that he has a desire to know which
church is true!

I love you guys!


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