Monday, August 4, 2014

A letter from Sister Jenkins from his ward!

Hello Sister Russell,
Your son, Elder Russell is in my ward and I want you to know that we really enjoy him!  He’s been a great influence on our children.  A few days ago, he and his companion challenged them to share their testimonies which they did for the first time today on Fast Sunday.  Elder Russell promised one of our sons who had some anxiety about the idea of bearing his testimony that he would go up there too to bear his testimony.  Yesterday morning, our  nervous 12 year old got up from our pew, stepped out to the isle and immediately Elder Russell came up from another pew behind him walking up to the stand with him each bearing their testimonies.  Elder Russell has a loving gentle spirit and does very well to motivate and teach others.  I noticed after the closing of an open house for the mission president Elder Russell was approached by several missionaries who waited turns to hug Elder Russell with great big smiles.  Two other missionaries on a transfer came to visit us and had dinner with us when I told them that Elder Russell is in our ward they both made this comment about him,  “Elder Russell is a hard worker.” He is loved and respected.  We can tell he comes from a good home.  He’s a wonderful missionary!
He has asked me to share with you my story.  After my son arrived at the MTC I was missing him terribly, knowing that he studies the Preach My Gospel manual on a daily basis I turned to a copy of Preach My Gospel to feel closer to him. After reading PMG, I was on fire in sharing the gospel with others.  But, I wasn’t sure how to approach others and how to share the gospel, so we invited the missionaries to teach us how to be member missionaries.  They were wonderful in teaching us.  I carry a compact Book of Mormon and Missionary pamphlets in my purse for missionary moments which came in handy twice. Later, we had a neighbor and his children over for a discussion with the missionaries at our house and we have given a few Books of Mormon to potential investigators.  One investigator that I met at a park will be going to church with us. Studying Preach My Gospel, having the help of our missionaries, having His spirit with us, and working together in sharing the Book of Mormon we will be bringing souls closer to Christ.  The people of the world, the worldly will not be interested, yet there will be millions who will. It’s exciting! This is a message that Elder Russell wanted me to share and challenge you.
Thank you for all that you have done in raising him. He’s hard-working in the field of Anchorage, Alaska and we are grateful.

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