Monday, September 22, 2014

hmmmmmmmITS SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!UGH!!!!!!!!haha

Well this one is going to be short. I am starting my email off by
saying. hmmmmmmm ITS SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!! haha

So Tuesday was the day that I picked up my boy! Fresh from the MTC! So
I will type what I wrote in my journal this time.

The missionary I am training is Elder Modlik, home for him is far away
in the land of New Zealand! Man I need to get used to his crazy
accent. He is 20 years old and he is super awesome! We just click! Man
its a good thing that we are not in a YSA Ward with this guy because
man, girls dig his accent! Haha! He is so cool! He played Rugby and
Basketball! He is excited to get to work! His older Brother was an
Assistant to the President in Australia for 13 months! Haha he is
already a way good missionary, I fasted for that and hey I got it! We
are staying the night with the Zone Leaders in Wasilla! On our way to
Wasilla we drove by a car accident and guess who it was , it was the
sister missionaries, Sister Whitbe and Sister Torgison, So we pulled
over and stayed with them and waited for help to come! They totaled
the car but they are Okay! The one guy that was the person that was
driving and hit them was a drunk driver, and he tried to hide his
drugs by throwing it under a tree before the cops came, haha good one!
The cop put him in hand cuffs and me and elder Modlik had to Babysit
him the whole time! We then got a call form the Wasilla Zone Leaders
telling us that someone tried breaking into the sisters apartment and
they are changing there lock so they told us that they wont be in
until like 11:30 PM. We said us to! Elder Modlik was like does this
happen all the time? Haha! Fun first day in the field for Elder

We have only been in Delta for 3 days and we have picked up 4
potential investigators and 11 Referrals! We are teaching one of those
Potentials tonight. And guess what she is Russian of course! Haha

Well I love you Guys! Sweet/ cool in New Zealand is called Skux!!!! He
is teaching me some Hakas!

Serving a mission is so Skux!

Elder Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Delta Junction & Tok

3250 Strawberry Rd
Anchorage, AK 99502

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