Monday, September 8, 2014

We are going to TOK baby!

 So guess what we are doing today!? We are going to Tok Baby!!!!!! We
will be staying in a Bed and Breakfast that  a Members owns and the
Branch President has been setting up appointments for us! The Branch
Presidents name is Presidents Goulsbee! He has a beard! haha only in
Alaska! We will be there Monday night, all of Tuesday, and head back
Wednesday! The Branch President will be flying and going trapping in
the Yukon on Tuesday and Wednesday so we will only see him today!

Tuesday- We had an awesome district meeting, and it was Elder Perkins
and Elder Wilsons Birthday, they had a cake and guess who didn't get
some, Delta Junction (us) and Healy. Why because we are both 100 miles
or more away from each other, so we Skype in to district meeting.

Wednesday- Exchanges with the Zone Leaders, both of the Zone Leaders
came to our area because of the drive. So my Zone Leaders are Elder
Brown and Elder Mccusker. I came out with both of those guys to the
mission field. Elder Brown went with Me and Elder Mccusker went with
Elder Menlove. In the morning we had biskets and gravy and spruce tip
jam at this one members home and we went and helped her stack her
wood, feed her alpacas and goats and cows, filled in some holes around
the house with dirt, loaded and unloaded some hay, and the last thing
that we did for her was help her with her bees! We had to go and face
the bees and she smoked them and used the shot-vac to suck them all
out so that we can get the honey. I had pants and my BYU hoodie on and
I pulled my strings tight on my hoodie and it made a really small hole
for me to see out of, and so I would run in there and bees would be
all over me and I would grab the honey and run out of there, I was
safe for the first couple of times but then the bees just got super
mad at me and guess what they did, a swarm of bees went inside of that
little hole of my hoodie. I got stung on my face so many times, I ran
away and ripped off my hoodie! Man that sucked! haha. But sticking my
finger into that honey and then into my mouth was totally worth it!
We then helped Laretta with her pigs, we went and caught 5 more pigs!
Haha. She has an electric fence that keeps the pigs in and guess what
I did when I was running away from mama pig, I tripped over the
electric fence and got shocked like crazy! haha I think if you were to
touch me right now you would get shocked! haha

Thursday- We helped the Wrigley Family Chink (feel in all of the
cracks of the log cabin so they can stay warm for the winter) there
Log cabin. Guess who was at the Wrigleys? My assistant Ward Mission
Leader from my last area! Man we talked for days! hehe.

Friday- We went and helped the Rhile family (LA) chop some wood so
that they will be ready for the winter, we will be helping him next
week to put tar on there roof so that it will stop leaking.

Saturday- We helped Sister Bundy move her food storage from outside to
the inside of her cabin. So sister Bundy has the evil evil beastly dog
that just wants to kill you. Missionaries in the past have tried to
pet him but he bit there hands. A missionary has not yet succeeded in
petting this devil dog. So what did I do, haha well I went in there
and showed that dog who is boss! I walked towards him and I made sure
that I did not show fear, and I went and put my hand right on the dogs
head and just started to pet it and then he jumped up on me and we
started to wrestle! Man that dog is strong but I pinned him! Hurrah
for Israel! Haha now that dog loves me! Elder Menlove went to pet him
and guess what happened he growled and barked at him and when he stook
his hand out that dog leaped at him trying to rip his hand off, but
good thing that that dog has a chain on to stop him! haha I then go
back in there and that dog stilled loved me! haha so funny! I pretty
much had to pick up Sister Bundys jaw from the ground! she was so
shocked! She told me that I am the first missionary ever to touch that
dog! Booya!

Sunday- At church today we had 2 less active families show up, one of
them being the Mcneal family and the other, the Rhile family! Brother
Rhile went up and Bore his testimony! Booya again! Mom and Dad I will
write a letter to you about an experienced that happened this day!

Well I know that my entries are boring, but I love you guys!

Elder Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Delta Junction and Tok!

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