Monday, September 29, 2014

The Northern lights!

Awesome week! I am glad that you were able to spend some time as a
family and with Grandpa as well!

Again this is going to be a short email, sorry about that. but to
start it off, we got chased by a moose, but it was a good thing that
there was a fence to climb and jump. "Elder Modlik you cannot touch
the moose! Elder Modlik get back here! I know that you don't have moose
in New Zealand, but don't touch it!" Haha that was intense! The northern
lights were insane a couple days ago! I will send some pictures of
that! It snowed again today. We have been working really hard up here
in the Interior of Alaska where it gets to Negative 60 to 70! We
picked up a couple new investigators. The Ward is trusting us a lot
now and they are just giving us a bunch of people to go see! Oh and
somebody signed us up to sing at a persons wedding! And we cant get
out of it! It better be MOTAB! Should be interesting! Well I love you
Guys! Sorry that this was a short Email!

Elder Chad Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Delta Junction & Tok

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