Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We gave a book of Mormon in Russian!

Sounds like you guys had a pretty sweet week! I cant wait to go to the
Ogden Temple when I get back! I love you so much! and thank you for
everything that you do!

28-29 August 2014
On the 28th we gave a Book of Mormon to Nickleye in Russian well
because he is Russian I marked 2 Nephi 29 and 3 Nephi 11, so hopefully
he reads it and gains a testimony of it. Had dinner with the Lemon
family, they are pretty sweet! Brother Lemon had like a 3 to 4 foot
beard. (a lot of people in Alaska have beards) The Lemon family took a
picture of me and sent it to my mom! My mom should be pretty happy
when she sees that, she will probably cry to haha! I am probably going
to pay for that one later, but hey it will be worth it!

On the 29th we did some service at sister Marlyns house then went to
the Delta High School Soccer game against Wasilla. We have permission
to go because everyone in the small town of Delta goes to those soccer
games! FUN! Then had dinner at sister Marlyns home! We got permission
to have her show us this movie about Evidences of the Book of Mormon!
Pretty sweet. If you look at 1 Nephi 16 it talks about Ishmael dying
and being berried at a place called "Nahom". What is really cool is
that the place Nahom was discovered in 1994. Now how could Joseph
Smith know about the place Nahom if people didn't know what it was
until 1994. Hmmm haha its pretty awesome! There is this guy that we
were talking to and we started talking about guns because that's what
people up here in Alaska love and I told him about my 220 swift that
my grandpa gave me. When he heard that he was like, can we make a
trade! haha he wishes!

30 August 2014
We went and helped our investigator Brother Murphy cut and put base
boards down in his house. We then went and helped Joe Erickson unload
3 pallets of pellets for his stove so that he can heat his house for
the winter. He is such an awesome guy, I could talk to that guy about
hunting all day if I could. Dinner at the Barnards home and we had
moose ribs. Ugh so much moose! haha I really enjoy it though! Had a
way spiritual lesson with Jeff (LA). Felt prompted to just invite him
to focus on his family and that's it! You probably are wondering why i
didn't invite him to do more stuff, let me just say that you dont
question the spirit, the end. Haha.

31 August 2014
Well being sick on the last day of the month of August is not a good
way to end the month. I have had one of the worst Migraines yet today
on my mission. The pain was so bad that I threw up a couple of times
and I kept on throwing up so I just laid down next to the toilet! I
was not able to go to church today or do anything because of the
terrible pain in my head! It had to be Sunday!? Writing in my Journal
was the only thing that I did that day and taking medicine and
sleeping. I didn't even have the energy to eat, so I didn't eat at all
that day.

1 September 2014
Well this day the skies were blue and clear and it was such a good
day. I turned to Elder Menlove and I said, hey man its an awesome day
today, lets go hiking. He said no. Like 20 times. I was like are you
serious? Today might be the last p-day of good weather before the snow
flies. He said no, so I was like alright well then we are going bird
and squirrel hunting with Brother Taylors dog, with our sling shots. I
killed one bird and one squirrel and Elder Menlove killed nothing. The
Dog ate the bird and the squirrel so it didn't go to waste!

Well that was my crazy week. The leaves are falling and the nights are
getting colder, Elder Menlove had not been through a winter up here
yet and he is freezing his butt off and it is only 40 degrees and I am
still wearing a short sleeve shirt. Haha so funny. Well I love you
guys. The Zone Leaders are coming up today and we are going to go
catch some pigs in the rain tomorrow! Love you all!

Elder Chad Russell
Delta Junction and Tok Branch
Anchorage Alaska Mission

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