Monday, September 15, 2014


Well this is going to be super short because I left Delta at 7:30 in
the morning and just got into Anchorage. I drove! It is warm up here,
its like 60 degrees! I think I am good about the Hand warmers, but
thanks though. I Love you!

So this email will be short because well I just had a 7 and a half
hour drive from Delta to Anchorage! Why am I in Anchorage? hmmmm well
I got my transfer call on Wednesday and President Robinson said, Elder
Russell the Lord wants you to stay and he wants you to train a brand
new missionary from the MTC, you will be driving down to Anchorage
Monday morning and you will need to be at the mission home at 9:20 in
the morning so that you can receive your trainer training, and then
you will find out who you are training and then you will go to
transfer meeting and then to the temple! You will drive up to Wasilla
right after that and stay the night with the Zone Leaders There and
then the next morning you will drive from Wasilla to Fairbanks and
stay the night in Fairbanks and then the next day you will be getting
a training from Elder Evens from the 70 and it will start at 10:30 in
the morning and go until 4, then you can drive back to Delta! And So
here I am in Anchorage! haha oh and last week I held a 5 pound Gold
Nugget that is worth 1 million dollars, I cant believe that they
trusted me holding it! haha RUNNNNN!!!! Well I will talk to yall next
week! Love you guys!!!!

Elder Chad Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Delta Junction & Tok
Training a new missionary

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