Monday, August 25, 2014

Guess who had to speak in sacrament!

School has started already!!!! Holy Cow! I cant wait to go through the
Ogden Temple! Haha them moose are scared of them Mormon Missionaries.
Well Mom I love you! I am going to go on a hike in like an hour so I
will be on the computer for like 30 to 45 minutes!

Wow I have missed a few days this week in my Journal writing, so I
will have to just sum up the week for ya in a paragraph. So to sum up
most of the week we had exchanges and Elder Harris (District Leader)
and Elder Tingy came up. We chased and caught 15 pigs! Right when we
would grab the little pigs by there legs they would squeal!!! And
right when they would squeal you look for the Sal (mama pig) because
she is right behind you ready to destroy you! haha I lost a total of 6
pounds those 2 hours chasing and tackling pigs and running for our
lifes! We had interviews with President Robinson and it went well, he
asked me a ton of questions and an interview usually takes like 20
minutes but no I was with him for an hour and a half. He was with my
companion for 5 minutes! haha I think he talked to me forever was
because well we both played Lacrosse and we just clicked. haha Oh and
on the way to Fairbanks from Delta you have to drive through North
Pole so I went and saw The amazing Taylor family! They made us
pancakes with Coconut syrup! The  best! It was good to catch up on

Sunday we had church and guess who had to speak at sacrament this guy
and  my companion! My companion went first and he told me that his
farewell talk only lasted 1 minute and 22 seconds. So I prepared! He
spoke first and I spoke last. He left me with 30 minutes to speak but
hey I prepared for it! The Talk was titled "Following the Path of
Happiness." Then after that I had to teach Gospel Principles and the
lesson was on the Holy Ghost! Had a way spiritual experience there. I
will share that when I get home! ;) haha Oh and we had to move a cow
out of a trailer in our shirt and tie, and I skidded on the floor of
the trailer on poop with my shoes! YUCK! well ladies and gentlemen
that was my week! I love you guys!

Elder C. Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Delta Junction and Tok Branch

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