Monday, August 11, 2014

This is a letter that a sweet sister from one of his wards sent him.

Hello Elder Russell

I hope this finds you well and happy!

In this email I want to say, “You were right!” You said that we may
see changes in our daughter before her brother returns home from his
mission or possibly after.  Well, this last week we have been seeing
it!!! You were right!

I invited my Spanish friend to my house and she volunteered to make an
authentic Mexican dish. She came last Saturday teaching me how to make
an authentic Mexican dish called “Mole with chicken”.  I wasn’t sure
what we would talk about, but we had a wonderful time! She kept saying
repeatedly that when she comes to my house again she will be making
another dish that we will all enjoy. That was encouraging to hear that
she plans to come over again! I’m excited to invite her to church this
Sunday when our missionary son is home.  He’s excited too!

I’ve been impressed with you from the beginning and I’ve always
learned something new from lessons you taught with the spirit in our
home.  Bless you, Elder Russell!

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