Monday, August 4, 2014

Transfered to Delta Junction and Tok!

I am doing pretty good! Don't have much time because I need to pack
before I leave! So good to hear that grandpa is still doing okay!
This is my week yo! :)

So transfer Calls came Saturday morning and I thought that we were
both staying but as I was doing my morning prayer I had the impression
that I am going to North Pole. Haha weird! So president calls and
tells me that I will be serving in Delta Junction and Tok and I will
be speaking Russian, In the "North Pole" District. haha and elder
Bratt will be staying and being District Leader and getting Elder
Langi! I probably will be in delta Junction for 6 months! Oh and I
will be getting Elder Menlove and I will be greenie braking him!

Well guys sorry that this was a short email, I have to finish packing
soon! But I will be driving to Fairbanks and that is a 8 hour drive
and then I will be staying in North Pole and then driving up the next
day for a 2 hour drive to Delta Junction and I will be staying in my
own house and it is nick named the "Bird House" But when I go to Tok I
will be staying in a Log cabin home where I will have to split wood
and throw it in the fire so that we can stay warm! This should  be

Elder Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Delta Junction and Tok

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