Monday, August 18, 2014

I pulled out my UKULELE and I played I am a child of God!

 Monday- First P-day in Delta Junction and it stinks..... haha there is
nothing to do! Im used to going on hikes and playing basketball and
all that fun stuff. Yes there are some hikes but E. Menlove does not
like hiking. haha so I dont do it. We went to a river and there were
fish jumping everywhere! I mean everywhere. I hope my companion likes

Tuesday- We helped a lady in our ward stack wood and then we went to
District meeting and we had it over PVC, like Skype. And the mike was
not working so they had this chat box that we can type into and they
can see what we say. Then we had dinner with the Sansom family and
they invited a non member friend and we shared a message with them and
the Non member told us to stop by whenever! Oh and guess what, they
said that we have to sing a song to them in order to get dinner. So I
pulled out my Ukulele and I played I am a child of God while E.
Menlove sang! Thanks for the Heads up guys! Haha

Wednesday-  We helped that lady again that is in our ward with her
BEES. super fun! A lot of people in Alaska do bees! We have to strap
them down because the bears will push them over. We had this lesson
set up today with a recent convert and we needed another Male there so
we called and called and called but everyone was busy fishing or
hunting. So we had Dinner with the Shephard family and after dinner
brother Shephard told us to let him know if we need anybody for a
lesson. So we were like How about right now? We have it in 15 minutes,
can you do that? He stood there shocked and he was like honey I am
going with the missionaries I will be back in an hour! Haha what a
stud and he bore such a powerful testimony!

Thursday- Woke up and went for a run, I thought E. Menlove was going
to die! haha but he didnt so thats good. We helped that one lady again
and we loaded up hay for her animals. soooo funnnn! OH and then we fed
the Alpaca. "Dont you spit on me or I will hit you with this shovel"!
haha Those things spit like no other! We then had a dutch oven dinner
with the Taylor family! Amazing but not as good as my Dads! haha!

Friday- I was in the Bathroom and then all of a sudden.....
BOOOOOMMMM. The house shook and everything fell off of the shelf above
the sink! I hurry and look out the window for a mushroom cloud of
smoke. But all it was was a F16 fighter jet hitting its after burners
right above our little house! haha  Found out that Sister Moss Prayed
for an answer to her question about a week or so later and we stopped
by today and I shared D&C 122:7-9. She also needed a blessing because
she has kidney stones! Yuck! OH and we helped this one lady catch all
of her like 20 little pigs! It is very hard when like a 800 pound pig
is chasing after you wanting to rip your head off! They have hard
noses man and they can run pretty dang fast! I wish I would of
recorded it so that you could have seen what we went through, Slipping
in mud and poop all over the place and hurring and getting up before
the Pig comes and stomps on you! Haha

Saturday- Helped out our investigator Brandon Murphy with some trim
for the windows and doors. Helped out the Andersons with some
landscaping! Boy am I glad that Dad taught me some stuff. They were
all coming to me for directions on what they need to do and I was able
to give it to them! It was super fun!

Sunday- Church was awesome! We talked about the fall of adam and eve
in Gospel Principles! Then met with our Russian Investigator Alex and
he just wanted to bible bash bible bash and I was just getting so
frustrated, one because I cant understand a stincking word he is
saying and 2 because he questioned my testimony. I didnt freak out I
was actually really calm, but the spirit said invited him again for
the 30th time to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and then end
in a prayer and get out! So I told him that this is the last thing
that I am saying to you and then we are going to pray and leave. Read
and Pray about the Book of Mormon. He said stop inviting me to do
that. Why do you do that? Elder Menlove went to speak and I looked at
him and told him not to say another word, I turned to Alex and said do
you want to pray? He prayed in Russian and then we left and he said
that we handed that really well.

The Church is true, and dont you forget it!

Love you guys so much!

Elder Chad Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Delta Junction & Tok

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  1. Hello my son Soon to be Elder Johnson will be serving in Alaska. He reports to the MTC on Nov. 19th. Can you tell us what would be essential to pack and other items we should ship up? Thanks