Monday, August 11, 2014

"This place is awesome!"

This week has been fun! Driving driving and even more driving! haha I
heard about braxton! Thanks for the pictures and I did not put a sim
card in the box sorry about that! So Tok is 107 miles away from Delta
heading to the canadian boarder and we will only visit there once a
transfer most likely! I stay in Delta Junction in the bird house!
Elder Menlove is from Garland Utah, its by logan! I havent taken any
pictures of the area yet but i will! Here is my week yo! :)

Monday- P-Day

Tuesday- Elder Hayes and Elder Cottrell are heading home and I was
staying in the mission home that night and so we talked forever until
they got onto the plane ride home! So weird, I will be there in 11
months..... Ugh just dont Think about it Elder Russell! haha Then the
1st councilor came up to me and said "Be a Valiant Missionary Elder

Wednesday- Today we did studies and then drove the 8 hour drive to
Fairbanks. There was so much construction going on! I drove with Elder
Leiotoua from Hawaii and Elder Tingy. I stayed the night at Eielsons
apartment with someone that was in my MTC group!

Thursday- We woke up and went shopping before we headed to Delta
Junction. On the Way up I was able to drive through North Pole. The
area that I got trained in and I went and saw a few people and they
were so happy to see my face, Literally they would grab my face and
say oh I miss you so much! haha crazy people. After a 2 hour drive I
finally arrived in Delta Junction!

Friday-  We had Zone Meeting over the phone for 2 hours.... sooooo
funnn! haha not!  Taught a ton of lessons today!

Saturday- we Taught 7 lessons and that is what they would get in a
week in the past! CRAZY! Everyone I meet I click with! OH Dad I found
your twin. He looks like you and same build, loves kongfu Panda, makes
the same faces, owned a landscaping company in Arizona, and he love
Dutch Oven! Haha you have to meet him some Day!

Sunday-  First sunday here in Delta and I have been clicking with
everyone up here! This place is awesome! We drove 50 miles today to
get to a guys house! Lots of driving!

I Love you Guys Sooooo Much!

Elder Chad Russell
Alaska Anchorage Mission
Delta Junction and Tok!

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